Fire Hose Uses & Types

No matter what your application, Rawhide Fire Hose has just what you need. Find your fire hose type based on application, including attack fire hose for departmental use, industrial hose, forestry hose, irrigation hose and marine hose.

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What Is Fire Hose Used For?

Most people know what fire hose is used for when the fire department shows up and firefighters use it to put out a fire. The fire hose connects to a fire hydrant or a fire engine to get water to the scene where the fire is taking place. It can also be used in some more non-traditional ways.

What Are the Two Main Uses of Fire Hose?

The two main uses of fire hose for suction and delivery/supply. The suction (or intake) use of fire hose allows the fire department’s pumper to connect to the necessary source. Once the fire hose in connected, it can be used to deliver/supply water to the area that’s on fire.

What Are Industrial Hoses and How Are They Different from Regular Fire Hose?

Industrial, or contractor-grade, fire hose is built with more to protect the water it’s carrying. This may include an extra layer rubber, fabric, liner or other elastomer material. Industrial water hose needs to be flexible but durable to withstand the water pressure but be easy to handle.

Rawhide Fire Hose is dedicated to providing you with premium firefighting equipment you can count on in any fire situation. We offer MHSA single jacket fire hose, which is a type of hose approved for use in underground mining operations, as well as rubber covered fire hose perfect for agricultural and irrigation use.

Rawhide Fire Hose offers you the best inventory on any type of fire hose you need, as well as competitive pricing and same-day order processing. And all our hoses are manufactured according to strict quality standards. Don’t forget to check out our tips on making fire hose purchasing easy!

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