Industrial Grade Fire Hose

Industrial Water Hose

Whether it’s for washdown purposes or other fluid transfer, suction hose for industrial use needs to be durable yet flexible for easy handling. Contractor grade hose is manufactured using extruded nitrile rubber in a thru-the-weave process for the durability necessary for factory settings. You’ll also find single jacket soaker hose reinforced with industrial grade fabric

Contractor-Grade Water Hose

Hose constructed of a single jacket makes it more flexible when for use in and around warehouse and manufacturers’ facilities. Industrial hose can also be lined with a thin-walled, extruded tube of rubber or another elastomer material bonded to the inside of the hose. This prevents the water from seeping through the hose jacket, which surrounds the tube to protect it.

It can also be extruded and bonded to an inner liner by virtue of a laminating process. This hose is becoming more popular in factory settings because it can withstand aggressive abrasion and may be stored while still wet and not be subject to mold and mildew.

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