Fire Hose Products

When you’re looking for quality fire hose products, tools and equipment, you need to find a firefighter equipment store that is dedicated to precision. Just because a company offers firefighter equipment for sale, it doesn’t mean the gear is manufactured according to strict quality standards and tested—a must to ensure that there is no threat of any complications in an emergency.

Firefighter Equipment for Any Situation

You need to be prepared with the right equipment to aid in any firefighting situation. Rawhide offers you a wide range of fire supply hose, fire hose adapters and backpack sprayers to meet your departmental or industrial needs. These include:

    • Volunteer firefighter equipment. According to the National Fire Protection Association, 69 percent of firefighters in the United States are volunteers. Fire hoses and nozzles have to be built tough and engineered to operate and function each time they are used by a volunteer or a full-time fire fighter.
    • Wildland firefighter equipment. Fire equipment aid such as Indian backpack fire fighting pumps must be built tough to withstand the extreme wildland conditions required to fight fire in forest locations.
    • Firefighter training equipment. Rawhide Fire Hose donates fire hose assemblies to the Wayne County Fire and Rescue Association. In addition, Rawhide will sell to ALL firefighter training equipment facilities at a discount off of list price, as well as pay shipping charges.

Performance-Oriented Firefighter Equipment Sales

Rawhide Fire Hose and its online store has been a trusted resource for fire hose assemblies, nozzles, Indian Back pack pumps , tools and more for nearly 40 years. You’ll find a huge inventory, plus same-day shipping means most orders are delivered in one or two days.

Rawhide Fire Hose specializes in firefighter equipment sales of fire hose and fire hose assemblies, including custom lengths/coupling configurations. Let Rawhide Fire Hose aid your firefighting efforts with hose, adapters, nozzles and tools. Contact us today!

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  • Brass Rack Angle Valve

    1-1/2″ Brass Rack Angle Valve

  • Brass Rack Nipple

    1-1/2″ Brass Rack Nipple

  • Forestry Hose Type 2

    1-1/2″ Forestry Hose Type 2 600 LB Test

  • Sale!

    1-1/2″ MSHA Single Jacket Fire Hose (600 LB Test)

  • Pin Rack Hose Assembly

    1-1/2″ Pin Rack Hose Assemblies with Brass Couplings & Brass Nozzle

  • Pin Rack Hose Assembly

    1-1/2″ Pin Rack Hose Assembly with Aluminum Couplings/ Red Lexan Nozzle

  • 1-1/2″ Rack Fire Hose (500 LB Test)

  • Reel Fire Hose

    1-1/2″ Reel Fire Hose (500 LB Test)

  • Fire Hose Hump Rack

    1-1/2″-1-3/4″ Fire Hose Hump Rack- DF-FHHR-1

  • Fire Hose Hump Rack

    1-1/2″-1-3/4″ Fire Hose Hump Rack- DF-FHHR-3

  • Fire Hose Saddle Rack

    1-1/2″-1-3/4″ Fire Hose Saddle Rack- DF-HR1610-3

  • Fire Hose Saddle Rack

    1-1/2″-1-3/4″ Fire Hose Saddle Rack- DF-HR1610-6