Firefighter Equipment

Find the quality fire rescue tools and equipment you need, from double jacket and fire engine booster hose, to fire hose storage solutions and rack hose assemblies. Rawhide offers you a wide range of fire hose products to meet your departmental or industrial needs.

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Rawhide Fire Hose and its online store have been a longtime, trusted resource for:

    • Volunteer firefighter equipment – Fire hose products have to be built tough and engineered to operate and function each time they are used by a volunteer or a full-time firefighter.
    • Wildland firefighting tools – Equipment for firefighters must be built tough to withstand the extreme wildland conditions required to fight fire in forest locations.
    • Firefighter training products – Rawhide Fire Hose donates fire hose assemblies to the Wayne County Fire and Rescue Association. In addition, Rawhide will sell to ALL firefighter training equipment facilities at a discount off of list price, as well as pay shipping charges.

Let Rawhide Fire Hose aid your firefighting efforts with hose, adapters, nozzles and tools. Choose your fire department equipment today.