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Searching for layflat irrigation hose that lasts? Save money over traditional agricultural hose by using rubber-covered fire hose. Rawhide irrigation hose and tubing is an abrasion-resistant, portable, and cost-effective method for watering crops and animals.

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Advantages of Rawhide Irrigation Hose

Lightweight and flexible, irrigation hose from Rawhide Fire Hose offers terrific portability for water transfer, traveler irrigation, and many other applications.

Our farm irrigation hose is available in diameters of 1 to 6 inches and in various test pressures. Durable rubber tubes and covers are available with “through-the-weave” extruded yarn reinforcement for superior reliability in the field — our tubes don’t deteriorate with oil, fuel, or chemical exposure.

  • Abrasion-resistant
  • Suitable for a broad range of temperatures
  • One-piece construction for increased water flow
  • Durable rubber hoses and covers

Types of Farming Hoses

When producing food at scale, managing and delivering water becomes a crucial consideration – which is where farm irrigators come into play. Farm irrigation is how farmers bring water to their crops, and there are several main methods: flood irrigation, sprinkler irrigation, or drip irrigation.

Gardeners may be familiar with layflat garden hose and drip irrigation, in which a main hose is fitted with emitters that deliver water directly to the base of the plants. Drip irrigation hoses are different from soaker hoses, which are porous and allow water to seep out through the length of the hose, instead of being directed out through emitters.

Agricultural hoses must deliver large amounts of water for irrigation without bursting, breaking, or wearing out. Rubber-covered fire hoses are the perfect solution for agricultural irrigation, thanks to their reliable build and long-lasting construction.

Farms may also need drip hose for delivering drinking water to work animals and livestock, sometimes over long distances. Tough but lightweight layflat hoses are useful for this application.

Finally, agricultural flooding and pump applications also require durable hoses that can manage outflow in these cases. Fire hose is ideal for pump applications.

The Best Irrigation Hoses

The best hose for irrigation should be able to withstand the water pressure and flow needed to reach far-reaching fields and livestock troughs. Your chosen farmer’s hose should also stand up to the elements, the chemical spray associated with agriculture such as fertilizers, and the extreme temperature changes of the seasons.

Fire hose for agricultural use is durable, long-lasting, and tough enough to stand up to all of these conditions. Rawhide irrigation hose is available in a variety of lengths and can be coupled to your specifications. Choose your irrigation hose below and enjoy fast, free shipping via UPS or contact our team for more information.

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