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Rawhide Fire Hose has been offering quality fire hose supplies since 1976 and takes pride in providing you with quick turnaround times and often same-day shipping on most fire hoses. As a well-established fire hose supplier, Rawhide strives to supply the right type of fire fighting hose you need for your department or factory. We offer:

Outdoors, our fire hoses can be attached either to a fire engine or a fire hydrant, while indoors, our fire fighting hoses can be permanently attached to a building's standpipe or plumbing system pump. No matter what the application or industry, you can count on our high-pressure firehose to carry the water, or other fire retardant foam, needed to extinguish any fire.

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    “Rawhide makes ordering fire hose way too easy” Cliff Jeferson Chief Officer of Fire Hose Logistics
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    “I appreciate your time and patience in getting this resolved and I especially appreciate that you maintained a positive attitude.” Ilene Sheppard Customer
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    “Rawhide’s ability to offer quality products at competitive prices, and same day shipment is in harmony with our company’s value-added-features philosophy, which solidifies a strong business partnership.” Tom Gardner Standard Products Manager | Silco Fire & Security
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    “Rawhide Fire Hose was very helpful and directed us to the proper vendor we needed for the part, they went the extra mile!” Jen Remmers CMMS Tech, Engineering and Facilities T-588 | Target
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