10 Tips to Make Your Fire Hose Purchasing a Snap

Selecting the Right Fire Hose in a Snap

Fire hoses and fire hose products can literally be life-and-death tools to many who use them. And while fire hoses may seem like a simple enough product, there’s a lot that goes into making sure they work properly.

Ordering a fire hose or fire hose product through Rawhide Fire hose certainly shouldn’t be an intimidating or difficult process. Not only will we help you make the right selection when you give us a call, but we’ll also supply you with the information you need after you make your purchase. Caring for your new fire hose is just as important as making the right selection.

Take a look at these 10 tips to help you the next time you need that new fire hose or fire hose product:

  1. Know the size and thread pattern of the couplings or adapters.
  2. Know the correct type of hose assembly for your particular application.
  3. Know the length of the hose required for your application. Too short is not going to work and too long “may” cause problems.
  4. Need a custom length? We’ve got you covered with our Custom Fire Hose Builder.
  5. Make sure the liquid or gas going through the hose and coupling is compatible. If it isn’t water, check out this chemical reactivity table.
  6. Make sure the hose selected is compatible with the temperature of the liquid or gas being carried through the hose.
  7. Be sure of the type of nozzle that you need. Constant flow, select flow, and automatic nozzles are available and designed for specific applications.
  8. Size makes a difference. A 2–1/2” hose will be significantly heavier than a 1–1/2”. If your application requires dragging the hose around, or even up a grade, this could be a factor.
  9. Lug wrenches can make life much easier. They are compact and very light.
  10. Brass and aluminum have nearly the same tensile strength. Brass is almost always required for marine or salt water environments and is less susceptible to cracking if dropped in extremely cold applications. Aluminum, especially in larger sizes, is noticeably lighter in weight, making them ideal for high-rise packs.

These tips should help your understanding of fire hoses/fire hose products and the things to consider before you dial up Rawhide Fire Hose. Of course, we make the process as easy as possible with a helpful and knowledgeable staff. We ship same day and our products arrive in 1-2 days. Contact us today.

About The Author: Keith Eriksen

Keith was the president of Rawhide Fire Hose from 2000 thru 2018. He is a former member of the Wooster Township Fire Department, serving with the Wayne County Underwater Search and Rescue unit. He has extensive knowledge of valves and hydraulics from years of experience in the oil and natural gas production business. In addition to being an avid scuba diver with master diver endorsements he is also an instrument rated private pilot, certified for high performance and complex aircraft. He enjoys landscape and gardening work, gourmet cooking, spending time with his (grown) children and traveling with his wife, Vicki.

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