Municipal Fire Hose

Fighting fire within cities and towns requires versatile municipal fire hose equipment suitable for single-family dwellings, high-rise structures or even warehouses or manufacturing facilities. As a result, fire hose appropriate for municipal use falls under three main design types: jacketed hose, rubber-covered hose and fire engine booster hose.

Fire Hoses Designed for City Use

    • Jacketed hose is typically an EPDM “rubber” liner with one (single jacket) or two (double jacket) layers, or polyester woven yarn, depending on the service demands and pressure requirements. This municipal hose is engineered for attack service and will resist abrasion, mold and mildew. An alternative design specifically for high-rise applications features a polyurethane liner for lightweight yet rigorous service.
    • Rubber-covered hoses are manufactured primarily from extruded nitrile rubber, both the outside and the waterway. This municipal hose is engineered for rigorous applications such as relay and supply lines for hydrant(s) to trucks or truck-to-truck. This rubber fire hose must be durable enough to continually flex and move along the abrasive surface of a road or highway. LDH (large-diameter hose) is typically rubber covered.
    • Fire engine booster hose is an attack hose used in attack situations where close-quarter space availability is an issue. It can be fully charged with water while still on the reel.

Municipal fire hoses must be built to meet the most demanding applications, including heat- and abrasion-resistance. Choose Rawhide Fire Hose products that can endure exposure to chemicals, oils and even saltwater.

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