Single Jacket Hose

Rawhide Fire Hose offers premium quality, abrasion-resistant, heavy-duty single jacket hose, manufactured per NFPA 1961,  Factory Mutual and Underwriters Laboratories (UL)  standards. These single wall fire hoses are engineered for prolonged storage, ease of use, and provides significant extended service life for your best value.

Rawhide Fir Hose provides single jacket fire hose assemblies that feature spun polyester yarn that offers superior strength and wear characteristics. The warp yarn is standard 100% polyester, while the filler yarns offer high strength, low elongation. The filament polyester yarn reduces overall weight and increases flexibility making this hose operator friendly.

If required, couplings for our single jacket fire hoses are available in the following configurations; expansion ring-threaded aluminum or brass, Storz, shank-threaded, or cam lock styles. Couplings meet NH/NST and NPSH/IPT  machining standards (ASME), and custom thread patterns are available upon request. Choose your single jacket fire hose below.

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