Single Jacket Hose

Abrasion-resistant, heavy-duty single jacket hose provides the durability you need for applications requiring prolonged storage. Manufactured per NFPA 1961, Factory Mutual and Underwriters Laboratories (UL) standards, single jacket fire hose assemblies feature spun polyester yarn that offers superior strength and wear characteristics. If required, couplings for single wall hoses are available with expansion ring-threaded aluminum or brass, Storz, shank-threaded, or cam lock styles.

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Single Jacket Hose FAQ

Q: Should I choose a single or double jacket hose?

A: It depends on your application. Both single and double jacket hose feature woven jackets of ring-spun polyester yarns that resist abrasion, mold, and mildew. Double jacket hose features an extra layer of woven fabric to boost durability for repeated use, while the flexibility of single wall hose makes it ideal for prolonged storage and periodic use. These can include industrial washdown applications and fire emergencies in commercial buildings. Check out our single and double jacket hose guide for additional information.

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