fire-hose-storageHeavy-Duty Racks for Fire Hose Storage

Whether it’s for industrial or municipal use, fire hose must be properly stored in-between uses. Durable, heavy-duty fire hose storage racks that holds and maintains hose until needed for fighting fire.The fire hose may be coiled or folded on a hose reel rack, depending on the application. The two types of water hose racks are those designed for “longer” term storage and immediate use storage.

Long-term storage industrial hose racks have a series of shelves designed to cradle coiled fire hose, keeping them dry and off the ground. A drying rack features a series of pegs to hang the fire hose on in order to dry. Both of these types of heavy-duty hose racks may be either attached to the wall, floor or on casters for mobility.

A ready-to-use fire hose storage rack is designed to store fire hose either coiled or folded, and it’s typically plumbed in to a water source for immediate usage. Booster hose, in particular, is frequently stored on reels that can maintain the hose fully “charged” with water for close-quarter use applications, where only some of the hose length needs to be deployed. These hose reel racks are typically mounted on a wall, bulkhead or floor support.

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