fire-hose-storageHeavy-Duty Racks & Reels for Fire Hose Storage

For industrial, municipal, recreational or any use, fire hose must be properly stored so that it is readily available for the next usage and to ensure a longer service life of the fire hose. Durable and heavy-duty fire hose storage racks and reels are engineered for rigorous duty, while being designed for ease of use. The fire hose may be coiled or folded on the hose reel or rack, depending on the application and the type / configuration of the fire hose being used. Fire hose storage racks and reels are primarily built for two (2) types of typical usage; “longer” term storage and “immediate” use storage.

Long-term storage industrial hose racks feature open sides that are designed to cradle the fire hose, keeping it dry and off the ground. The “open style” saddle type rack allows the fire hose to hang in order to dry. Both of these types of heavy-duty hose racks may be either attached to the wall, floor or on casters for mobility. Some offer options to wall mount with a swing pivot allowing out of the way storage and easy access.

A ready-to-use fire hose storage rack is designed to store fire hose either coiled or folded, and is plumbed in to a water source for immediate usage. This is commonly referred to as occupant use hose, whereby the user may open the water valve before deploying the fire hose. When the last “fold” is deployed, an automatic crimp is released to begin the water flow. Fire Engine Booster Hose, in particular, is frequently stored on reels that can maintain the hose fully “charged” with water for use close-quarter use applications, where only some of the hose length needs to be deployed. These hose reels / racks are typically mounted on a wall, bulkhead or floor support.

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