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Move water more efficiently between a pressurized water source and a pump supplying attack lines with flexible LDH fire hose. Often used as a “soft-suction” hose, large diameter hose can be connected directly to a hydrant and the pump’s intake, as well as used for industrial water discharge purposes. Choose from 4-, 5-inch or 6-inch rubber covered hose.

Choose Your Large Diameter Hose

LDH Hose Advantages

Large diameter hose is:

  • Generally longer than smaller diameter hose, with 100 feet the standard length. Short or pony lengths are used for hydrant hook-ups to charge pumper units.
  • Manufactured using techniques that include the extrusion of nitrile rubber in a thru-the-weave process, or by laminating the nitrile rubber cover and liner. In either case, the entire length of the fire supply hose is seamless.
  • Heavier than smaller diameter hose to deliver more water volume over longer distances.


What is Friction Loss in LDH Fire Hose?


LDH fire hose is big-flow, low-pressure hose, which is both its defining feature and the reason for its popularity. Friction loss in large diameter fire hoses is entirely dependent upon flow, not pressure, so the more capacity (GPM) a hose can carry, the less force (PSI) is needed for the delivery. This type of hose can then deliver a greater water volume over greater distances, with less friction loss than smaller diameter hose. With large diameter supply hoses on your engines, your firefighters can deliver big water to the fire scene with less labor and less equipment.

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