Fire Hose Rack and Reel | Rawhide Fire Hose

Rack & Reel Fire Hose

Designed for indoor use, reel fire hose is lightweight for easy handling, while also offering maximum flow. Use 1.5 inch rack hose in conjunction with pin racks, reels, hump racks, cabinets or other indoor fire protection equipment. Free same-day shipping on your rack hose order.

Rawhide’s rack and reel fire hose is available with the following pressure ratings:

  • 250# Service Test Pressure
  • 500# Proof Test Pressure
  • 750# Burst Pressure

This hose features a single jacket construction woven from 100% virgin polyester that is resistant to most chemicals, petroleum products, UV exposure and mildew. The lining of each reel fire hose is a single-ply extruded tube of synthetic polyurethane /thermoplastic (T.P.U.), designed to increase packing ability for interior firefighting applications.

All rack and reel hoses sold by Rawhide Fire Hose are FM approved, labeled, and meet or exceed Underwriters Lab (U.L.) and NFPA 1961.


Q. What is the difference between rack hose and reel hose?

A. Typically this would refer to a single polyester woven jacketed hose with a polyurethane liner. Most commonly, the hose is placed in a semi automatic Pin Rack. The very same hose, rather than folded, may be coiled for use on a Hose Reel. It is dependent on how the hose will be deployed.

Q. Can reel hose be stored on something besides a reel?

A. Yes. Although when the terms rack hose and reel hose are used, it most often refers to 1-1/2” and 2-1/2” polyurethane lined, single jacket hose. All lay-flat hose, including single jacket fire hose, double jacket fire hose and rubber covered lay flat fire hose, is designed for storage and deployment from a reel system. In addition, all lay flat hoses can be stored in a wide variety of Hose Storage products depending on your requirements.