Style V Swing Type Reel


  • drum storage of collapsible hose prevents damaging kinks allowing longer hose life
  • pivot mounting permits reel to swing to the proper angle preventing twists and kinks
  • open sides allow faster hose drying, to prevent mold and mildew
red polyester powder coat finish
  • wall mounting is standard, 2 wall mounting brackets included
  • style V5 (when used with 1-1⁄2″ hose only), has a space between the reel sides to accommodate two widths of hose side by side, for maximum capacity in minimum space


  • Steel
  • Red Polyester powder coat
  • Wall mounting is standard: comes with 2 wall mounting brackets

Hose Capacity:

Hose Size Rack Hose Single Jacket Double Jacket Part #
1-1/2”- 1-3/4” 100’ 75’ 50’ DF-FHR-V1
1-1/2”- 1-3/4” 150’ 100’ 75’ DF-FHR-V2
1-1/2” 300’ 200’ 150’ DF-FHR-V5
2”- 2-1/2” 150’ 100’ 75’ DF-FHR-V5
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