continuous flow reelContinuous Flow Reel

Continuous Flow Reels

The continuous flow reels are engineered to allow both immediate and continuous flow of water or applicable media at all times. Hose may be fully charged or pressurized during storage and deployment. Please Note: Only non-collapsible (rigid) hose may be used with a continuous flow reel.

This reel is designed for one-person operation and is ideal for close quarter scenarios. For marine type applications such as off-shore drilling platforms, barges and ships, using this reel, the operator can benefit from a fully charged hose and deploy the exact amount of hose length rather than having to unroll the entire length before charging with pressurized water. The same design concept applies to “brush trucks” used in fire fighting. This reel will allow the truck to be positioned in close proximity to the fire, such as a dumpster of small grass fire. Once again, the operator only needs to deploy enough hose length to complete the task.

This continuous flow fire hose reel can be floor, wall or truck mounted, depending on the application.

The frame of this reel is durably built from high gauge steel. It is then subjected to a powder coating process, which is electrostatically –applied, then thermally fused. The drum itself features a red colored, polyester finish.

The waterway inlet is a female NPT (tapered pipe) thread and the hose thread outlet is a standard NST (national Hose) thread. See thread guide.

Please note: A flexible connector assembly must be installed directly between the hose reel inlet hub and the water supply. Failure to use the flexible connector assembly shall void the warranty.

This continuous flow reel will accommodate hose diameters including; ¾”, 1” and 1-1/2”. The hose reel size required will depend on the diameter and the length of the hose for a particular application