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Fire Hose Reel Covers and Rack Covers

Fire hose rack and reel covers serve to fill two very important needs. First and foremost, they protect the fire hose, nozzle and rack or reel. The cover protects the hose from harmful UV (ultraviolet) rays that will degrade the fire hose over time.

Second, they alert emergency personnel and first responders to the location of the fire hose and water source.

For these reasons, it’s important that your fire hose reel covers or rack covers are durable, reliable, and clearly marked.

Fire hose cover materials

Fire hose covers are made from vinyl or vinyl-coated nylon that repels water as well as some harmful chemicals. Their thick construction protects against UV damage as well as physical damage. Hose rack and reel covers are typically open on the bottom or back in order to facilitate removal and to aid in airflow, which keeps mold and mildew from developing.

A fire hose rack or reel cover is custom made to fit your specific style of rack or reel. They are fitted and use Velcro-style closures (hook-and-loop tape) for easy removal and deployment. A proper fit provides better protection for your hose and nozzle.

For safety, the hose reel covers are also printed with a notice that a fire hose is inside and a warning to keep clear. That along with being a bright or fluorescent red makes them easily identifiable in the event of a fire, and the notice to keep clear should protect access to the hose when it is necessary.

Fire Hose Cover FAQs

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How do you cover a hose reel?

It’s important to cover your hose rack or reel for proper maintenance and protection of the hose and nozzle, extending its lifespan and ensuring it is in good condition when you need it.

The best cover for a hose reel is one that fits properly, protects reliably and allows the assembly to stand out in the event of an emergency. Our hose reel covers feature durable, water-resistant fabric in eye-catching red for just this purpose. And they are marked clearly, which may be a requirement for your application to remain up to code.

To cover the hose reel, ensure you have the proper style cover for your reel. Separate the Velcro-style tabs and slip the cover over the hose reel. Reclose the tabs to ensure the cover remains in place.

What can you attach a hose reel to?

At hose stations, fire hose reels can be mounted to the wall and connected to the standpipe for water access. The NFPA 14 states that Class II standpipe systems have a connection or a fully equipped reel or rack. Class III systems also require this if they do not have a fully equipped sprinkler system with reducers and caps.

What is a hose sleeve?

A hose sleeve is another way of protecting a hose. It’s a cover that can be slipped or wrapped over the length of the hose to protect it from damage.

Fire Hose Rack and Reel Covers for Sale

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