Rack and Reel Covers

Fire hose rack and reel covers serve to fill two very important needs. First and foremost, they protect the fire hose, nozzle and rack or reel. The cover protects the hose from harmful UV (ultraviolet) rays that will degrade the fire hose over time. The covers are made from red vinyl or red vinyl coated nylon that repels water and some harmful chemicals. These covers are typically open on the bottom or back in order to facilitate removal and to aid in airflow, keeping mold and mildew from developing. The covers are printed with notice that a fire hose is inside and a warning to keep clear. That along with being bright or fluorescent red makes them easily identifiable.

A rack and reel covers are custom made to fit your specific style of fire hose rack or reel. They are fitted and use velcro style closures for easy removal and deployment.

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