Fire Hose Storage Reel

Fire Hose Storage Reel

  • Heavy duty construction
  • One piece wall bracket (14 gauge) (R24-24 is 12 gauge) for easy mounting – 180 ° swing will also take pipe clamps to 3″
  • Baked enamel finish (Red only)
  • Compact size – smaller reel hub to allow more hose storage
  • (16 gauge) solid vented wheels, separated by a molded poly hub, bolted (5/16″ rod bolted together to form a sturdy unit.
  • Hose is double rolled from center of length, coupled to valve and nozzle
  • Hose is easily removed by pulling toward fire area. Instantly ready for action when completely removed, and valve is opened

Hose Capacity:

Hose SizeRack HoseSingle JacketPart #
1-1/2”- 1-3/4”150’75’R15-18
1-1/2”- 1-3/4”200’100’R15-24
2”- 2-1/2”100’100’R25-24