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Fire Hose Nozzles

A fire hose nozzle attaches to the end of a fire hose and directs the flow to a specific target location. Fire hose nozzles are available in a range of sizes, styles, materials, and types.

Whether you’re looking for a 2-inch fire hose nozzle, a brass fire hose nozzle, or the lightweight, constant flow firefighting nozzles used by municipal fire fighters, Rawhide Fire Hose has the type of fire hose nozzle you need for your application.

Our fire hose nozzles are also suitable for applications beyond the fire truck, such as forestry nozzles and U.S Coast Guard-approved nozzles. We offer deluge tips, economy tips, and smooth bore tips. We carry a wide variety of sizes, too, including common sizes like 1, 1-½ and 2-inch fire hose nozzles.

As a leading supplier of common fire hose nozzle types and sizes, we are sure to have the nozzles you’re looking for. Select a fire hose nozzle category or product below to learn more.

Fire hose nozzle types

The two main fire hose nozzle types we offer are deluge tip and smooth bore tip. But there are also economy, forestry, municipal, and Coast Guard-approved fire hose nozzles. The wide range of fire hose nozzle types differ in many respects, from the size of the tip to the purpose of the nozzle to the materials they’re made from.

The nozzle you need depends on the application and intended use: will you be fighting municipal fires or forest fires? What size is your fire hose? What is the thread type? The answers to these questions and more will determine the type of fire hose nozzle that will be suitable.

The cost of the fire hose nozzle will also depend on the application, material, size, and thread type as well.

Deluge Tip Fire Hose Nozzles

deluge tip fire hose nozzles

Deluge tip fire hose nozzles create a concentrated stream that is manageable by hand.

Economy Fire Hose Nozzles

economy fire hose nozzles

Often made of brass, economy fire hose nozzles are combination nozzles, compatible with more than one hose type and perfect for double duty. The economy fire hose nozzles we offer include a garden fire hose nozzle and a brass version perfect for marine service.

Forestry Fire Hose Nozzles

forestry fire hose nozzles

Forest fire fighters will appreciate the rugged construction and twist-off settings of our forestry fire hose nozzles.

Municipal Fire Hose Nozzles

municipal fire hose nozzles

Municipal fire hose nozzles are ideal for municipal fire departments. We offer a wide range of automatic flow, constant flow, and master stream fire hose nozzles for municipalities.

Smooth Bore Tip Fire Hose Nozzles

smooth bore tip fire hose nozzles

Smooth bore tip fire hose nozzles provide a solid stream that reaches your intended target. They feature an extruded aluminum body and anodized hardcoat.

U.S. Coast Guard-Approved Fire Hose Nozzles

U.S. Coast Guard-approved fire hose nozzles

Coast Guard-Approved fire hose nozzles are ideal for ships and offshore rigs and can accommodate Aqueous Film Forming Foams as well as water. We carry two types: AFFF/water fog nozzles and fog nozzles.

Fire hose nozzle pressure

Our selection of municipal fire truck hose nozzles includes Select Flow, Constant Flow, and Automatic Flow fire nozzles.

We also offer:

  • High- and low-pressure nozzles
  • Foam equipment including eductors, piercing nozzles, playpipes, and shutoffs
  • A complete line of forestry high-pressure hose nozzles

Fire hose nozzle sizes

Rawhide Fire Hose carries a broad range of fire hose nozzle sizes to suit your needs, from ¾-inch fire hose nozzle all the way up to a 2 ½ -inch fire hose nozzle. Select the hose nozzle size that fits your hose and intended PSI output (our fire hose nozzles are tested to 1,000 PSI).

  • ¾ inch fire hose nozzles
  • 1 inch fire hose nozzles
  • 1 ½ inch fire hose nozzles
  • 2 inch fire hose nozzles
  • 2 ½ inch fire hose nozzles

Fire hose nozzle makes and materials

Our nozzles are available in a range of materials. The appropriate nozzle material will be dependent on your desired application.

  • Polycarbonate
  • Aluminum (hardcoat anodized)
  • Lightweight alloys
  • Brass
  • Chrome-plated brass

Polycarbonate fire hose nozzles
Hose nozzles for industrial settings are primarily made of a polycarbonate (Lexan) composition; however, they can also be manufactured from brass stock. A high-pressure hose nozzle of this variety can be used for washdown, dust control, and personal firefighting in a corporate/office setting.

Aluminum fire hose nozzles
We offer aluminum fire hose nozzles for forestry applications, such as the 1-inch nozzle of the Select Gallonage Forestry Nozzle.

Lightweight alloys
Our Master Stream nozzles are crafted from a durable, lightweight alloy that enhances usability.

Brass fire hose nozzles
Brass fire hose nozzles are often used in marine applications. We offer chrome-plated brass nozzles as well.

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