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Fire Hose Nozzles

Whether you’re looking for 1 inch nozzles or the lightweight, constant flow nozzles used by municipal firemen, Rawhide Fire Hose has the type of fire hose nozzle and tip you need for your application.

Our fire hose nozzles are also suitable for applications beyond the fire truck, including forestry nozzles and U.S Coast Guard-approved nozzles, plus deluge tips, economy tips, and smooth bore tips. We carry a wide variety of sizes, too, including common sizes like 1, 1-½ and 2-inch fire hose nozzles.

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Fire hose nozzle types

The nozzle you need depends on the application. Check out our selection of fire hose nozzles for each need.

Deluge Tip Fire Hose Nozzles

Economy Fire Hose Nozzles

Forestry Nozzles

Municipal Nozzles

Smooth Bore Tips

U.S. Coast Guard Approved Nozzles

Fire hose nozzle pressure

Our selection of municipal fire truck hose nozzles includes Select Flow, Constant Flow, and Automatic Flow fire nozzles.

We also offer:

  • High- and low-pressure nozzles
  • Foam equipment including eductors, piercing nozzles, playpipes, and shutoffs
  • A complete line of forestry high-pressure hose nozzles

Fire hose nozzle sizes

  • ¾ inch fire hose nozzles
  • 1 inch fire hose nozzles
  • 1 ½ inch fire hose nozzles
  • 2 inch fire hose nozzles
  • 2 ½ inch fire hose nozzles

Rawhide Fire Hose carries a broad range of fire hose nozzle sizes to suit your needs, from ¾-inch hose nozzle all the up to a 2.5 inch hose nozzle. Select the hose nozzle size that fits your hose and intended PSI output (our fire hose nozzles are tested to 1,000 PSI).

Hose nozzle makes and materials

  • Polycarbonate
  • Aluminum (hardcoat anodized)
  • Lightweight alloys
  • Brass
  • Chrome-plated brass

Our nozzles are available in a range of materials. The appropriate nozzle material will be dependent on your desired application.

For example, hose nozzles for industrial settings are primarily made of a polycarbonate (Lexan) composition; however, they can also be manufactured from brass stock. A high-pressure hose nozzle of this variety can be used for washdown, dust control and personal firefighting in a corporate/office setting.

Brass fire hose nozzles are often used in marine applications, and we combine polycarbonate or aluminum nozzles with steel teeth for use in forestry applications, as in the 1-inch nozzle of the Select Gallonage Forestry Nozzle.

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