When to Use Washdown Hose

4 Inch Rubber Hose - Rawhide Fire Hose

When to Use Washdown Hose

Is Washdown Hose Right for My Application?

Washdown Hose - Rawhide Fire Hose

Our two rubber-covered hoses, coupled

If you’re in need of hose that can withstand wear and tear, we usually suggest a washdown hose. Known for its durability, this type of hose will hold up in rough conditions, including outdoor use.

For washdowns, we recommend a flexible, lightweight, rubber-covered fire hose which is perfect for maneuvering outside. It’s also resistant to mildew, chemicals, and UV light, making this hose versatile enough for multiple applications, such as:

  • Clean up on construction sites
  • Chemical control in factories
  • Washdown usage on farms

The outer rubber layer prevents damage to the hose, allowing you to drag it across abrasive surfaces, such as concrete or gravel. The hose also dries quickly, so it can be left outside or in a garage with no fear of mold formation or damage inflicted by sunlight due to its UV and mildew resistance.

Rubber-Covered Hose for Washdown

Our 1″ hose is a popular choice because it can easily adapt to a 3/4″ connection, for example, Garden Hose Thread

Rubber-covered fire hose presents a good flow rate as well, allowing you to get the job done more efficiently. It also performs best when completely uncoiled, letting the water coarse through at an optimal rate.

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