Car 54, Where Are You? The 19 Locations of Rawhide Fire Hose

  If you remember this television sitcom of the early 1960’s, then we are of the same vintage. Rawhide Fire Hose shares part of its name with another show from that time period—“Rawhide”, staring Clint Eastwood. In fact, when you call team Rawhide Fire Hose and are placed on hold, you will be treated to […]


The Complete Guide for Cleaning Fire Hoses

Fire hoses lead fairly rough lives, when you think about it. So any way you can “baby” your fire hoses will pay off with regard to the performance and longevity of the product. One excellent way you can improve the life and reliability of your fire hoses is by properly cleaning them. This is especially a good […]

3 Firefighting Industry Resources to Bookmark Now

Let’s face it: There’s a lot that goes into understanding the firefighting industry. So the fact of the matter is, every good resource you can get your hands on is a fantastic thing to help solidify your knowledge and understanding. In a previous blog we gave you three great resources we use with regard to […]

3 Great Resources for Understanding Fire Hoses & Equipment

When it comes to fire hoses and fire hose materials, a lot of questions come up. That’s understandable because there’s a lot to consider. After all, the last thing you want to do is buy the wrong part, the wrong hose or something that isn’t going to be up to code. When it comes to […]

Why You Should Attend Wayne County Fire Education Classes

If you’re a firefighter, EMT or inspector, and you’re in need of continuing education or training, we have a great weekend we highly recommend you take part in. Every year the Wayne County Fire and Rescue Association puts on a fantastic weekend of continuing education training for firefighters and EMTs. This year, the 62nd annual […]

The Dos and Don’ts of Fire Hose Care

How often are you replacing your fire hoses? A year or two? Less? More? It’s important to understand the proper care for fire hoses or else you may be very well cutting down on the lifespan of the product(s) you are investing in. Taking good care of your fire hoses can go a long way […]