Durable, High-Performance 4, 5 & 6 Inch Fire Supply Hose

Our durable fire supply hoses offer the superior construction needed to fight fires in a variety of settings, including industrial environments. All of our premium-quality, rugged–yet lightweight–fire supply hose meets or exceeds NFPA specifications and, most importantly, meets Rawhide’s standards for excellence—there really is no better brand. Our TH-SUPPLY hoses are available in the following […]

When to Use Washdown Hose

When to Use Washdown Hose Is Washdown Hose Right for My Application? If you’re in need of hose that can withstand wear and tear, we usually suggest a washdown hose. Known for its durability, this type of hose will hold up in rough conditions, including outdoor use. For washdowns, we recommend a flexible, lightweight, rubber-covered […]

4 Inch Rubber Hose - Rawhide Fire Hose