Pure Profit

What if you could buy fire hose with no upfront costs? This is how it works: Your customer places an order for fire hose with you. You order from Rawhide Fire Hose. Rawhide Fire Hose ships you order. Better yet, we ship it direct to your customer, using your packing list on a blind (no […]

What Does Rawhide Fire Hose Do?

Since 1976, Rawhide Fire Hose has served as a bellows to smooth out the ever-changing lead times from the manufacturers. Manufacturers sell to us and customers buy from us, yet they really do not understand our function in the marketplace. Fire hose supply is cyclical in that there is either not enough or too much […]

“The Right Stuff”: Rawhide’s President Reflects on Meeting Astronaut John Glenn

“The Right Stuff”: John Glenn Passes Away at Age 95 American hero, statesman, veteran, and fellow pilot passed away in Columbus, Ohio this past Thursday following a brief hospital stay. All of the news feeds offer highlights of Senator Glenn’s life and illustrious career.   I had met the senator and spoke with him at […]

Astronaut Glenn

Helping Our Local Dive Team Evolve

If you’re not an avid, certified diver, it may not sound like a big deal. But it really is. The truth is, the right valve on a search-and-rescue diver’s breathing apparatus can make a major difference in their ability to perform their duties. Our own Wayne County dive team—the Wayne County Search and Rescue Unit—started […]

The Perfect Christmas Gift for Your Firefighter

Do you have your Christmas list filled out yet? Done with all your Christmas shopping? If so, good for you. But if not (and we’re with you), the hardest part of dazzling those you’re buying for is usually coming up with ideas. However, if you’ve got a firefighter on your list, we’re here to help […]

How to Develop a Fire Department Community Outreach Plan

One of the best ways a fire department can promote fire prevention and safety is by building a wonderful relationship with its community. Many fire departments do a great job of community outreach and education, and the result is a special partnership with the schools, the businesses and the neighborhoods they serve every day. And […]

Developing a Top-Notch Firefighting Training Facility

The Wayne County Fire and Rescue Association is a great example of what can happen when a group of like-minded individuals come together for the same goals. From its inception in Apple Creek, Ohio, in 1939, the WCFRA has grown into a fantastic firefighting association, now located in Wooster, Ohio. The WFCRA’s goals are: To […]

5 Non-Traditional Uses for Fire Hoses

When you think of fire hoses, do you think of versatility? Many people may be under the impression there’s only one thing to do with fire hoses and fire hose products: Fight fires. And while that’s absolutely their main job, a lot of creative people have come up with some really interesting non-traditional uses for fire […]