The Great Baltimore Fire: Setting the Standards

The Great Baltimore Fire and how a disaster set the standards in the fire industry. What does a great fire that was extinguished over 112 years ago have to do with today’s fire hose?   In 1904, Teddy Roosevelt was President of the United States, Henry Ford and his partner had incorporated the Ford Motor […]

Hydrants, thread standardization

Airplane Refueling: Hose & Nozzle Safety and Static Electricity

There are many safety precautions associated with planes and flying. One that might not necessarily be the most talked or written about has to do with static electricity and fueling airplanes with an airplane refueling hose and nozzle.  This may be a strange hazard if you’ve never heard about it. However, refueling planes is a […]

How to Develop a Fire Department Community Outreach Plan

One of the best ways a fire department can promote fire prevention and safety is by building a wonderful relationship with its community. Many fire departments do a great job of community outreach and education, and the result is a special partnership with the schools, the businesses and the neighborhoods they serve every day. And […]

Developing a Top-Notch Firefighting Training Facility

The Wayne County Fire and Rescue Association is a great example of what can happen when a group of like-minded individuals come together for the same goals. From its inception in Apple Creek, Ohio, in 1939, the WCFRA has grown into a fantastic firefighting association, now located in Wooster, Ohio. The WFCRA’s goals are: To […]