Ways to Prevent Fire Hose Friction Loss

Getting water flow right is a crucial component when fighting fires, and it’s the key responsibility of the pump operator. However, determining the pump discharge pressure for each line requires the operator to know the gallons per minute (gpm) flow, which will be determined by the selected nozzle. Then the hose size and length must […]

How to Choose the Right Types of Coupling: A Checklist

For your fire hose to work properly, you need the right coupling fitting. A coupling is a connector that joins one length of hose to another. It can also be used to connect hose to a tap or other water source. If your fire hose coupling parts are mismatched, it can lead to loss of […]

When Low-Pressure Fire Hose Is Applicable

Different types of fire scenarios call for different types of fire hoses to put out flames quickly and efficiently. Your main goal as a firefighter, whether in a municipal, rural or industrial setting, is to extinguish the fire, as well as ensure the safety of others. In this post, we’ll look at uses for low-pressure […]

3 Unique Uses for Marine Water Hoses

Marine hoses are typically used for fire hose washdown pump applications in aquatic, fresh and saltwater, situations that would require adherence to United States Coast Guard (USCG) standards and specifications. This woven 1-1/2” single or double jacket fire hose features brass couplings, which are designed to resist corrosion in harsh boating environments. It may be any standard […]

Why Surplus Fire Hose May Be Losing You Money

The term “surplus fire hose” can have several meanings. Most commonly, people and suppliers use it to refer to “used fire hose.” Where Does the Surplus or Used Fire Hose for Sale Come From? Many large cities, with bigger budgets, replace their fire hose on a more regular basis. While still in service, fire hose […]

Coiled surplus fire hose material

What Does Rawhide Fire Hose Do?

Since 1976, Rawhide Fire Hose has served as a bellows to smooth out the ever-changing lead times from the manufacturers. Manufacturers sell to us and customers buy from us, yet they really do not understand our function in the marketplace. Fire hose supply is cyclical in that there is either not enough or too much […]

Durable, High-Performance 4, 5 & 6 Inch Fire Supply Hose

Our durable fire supply hoses offer the superior construction needed to fight fires in a variety of settings, including industrial environments. All of our premium-quality, rugged–yet lightweight–fire supply hose meets or exceeds NFPA specifications and, most importantly, meets Rawhide’s standards for excellence—there really is no better brand. Our TH-SUPPLY hoses are available in the following […]

Firefighting Equipment Supplier

From fire trucks to rescue vehicles to tankers, firefighting equipment supplies have to be built tough to deliver during a fire scenario. Just as professional firefighters rely on quality protective gear, they also need to know that new firefighting equipment such as fire hoses, fire hose nozzles, and portable fire pumps will perform when they […]

A Brief History of Fire Hose

And the Evolution of Fire Protection Engineering We’re all about fire hose here at Rawhide, but have you ever wondered what their history is? Learning about how we went from ox gut to the powerhouse double jacket attack hose is essential to understanding fire protection engineering and garners an appreciation for the inventors of the […]

Get Connected: Choosing the Right Fire Hose Fittings for the Job

What type of fire hose fitting do you need for your job? A reliable fire hose connection is critical when fighting fire. Understanding which fitting is appropriate for the job is the first step in selecting the correct fire hose connectors and adapters. Fire hose end connectors, commonly referred to as end connectors, are made […]

Quick Connect Fire Hose Fitting