A Brief History of Fire Hose

We’re all about fire hose here at Rawhide, but have you ever wondered what their history is? You should! Learning about how we went from ox gut to the power house double jacket attack hose is essential to understanding fire engineering and garners an appreciation for the inventors of the ages and those who risked […]

Get Connected: Choosing the Right Fire Hose Fitting for the Job

What type of fitting do you need for your job? A reliable hose connection is critical when fighting fire. Understanding which fitting is appropriate for the job is the first step in selecting the correct fire hose connectors and adapters. Fire hose end connectors, commonly referred to as couplings, are made from cast brass or […]

Fire Hose Fitting

What Does “Made in the U.S.A.” Really Mean?

  You’ve heard the phrase used before, but what does it really mean for you, the consumer? When a company puts the “Made in the USA” label on its products, that’s an important claim. In the eyes of consumers, it plays on patriotic emotions in a big way, as it should! However, it is very […]


Car 54, Where Are You? The 19 Locations of Rawhide Fire Hose

  If you remember this television sitcom of the early 1960’s, then we are of the same vintage. Rawhide Fire Hose shares part of its name with another show from that time period—“Rawhide”, staring Clint Eastwood. In fact, when you call team Rawhide Fire Hose and are placed on hold, you will be treated to […]


A Tale of Two Jacket Liners: Polyurethane and EPDM Rubber

For the best of times, educate yourself on the difference between polyurethane and EPDM liners so you can save time and money on your application!   Single and double jacket fire hoses are essentially an inner liner or tube encased within one or two layers of canvas or polyester covering. EPDM rubber is commonly found […]

lightweight hose

The Great Baltimore Fire: Setting the Standards

The Great Baltimore Fire and how a disaster set the standards in the fire industry. What does a great fire that was extinguished over 112 years ago have to do with today’s fire hose?   In 1904, Teddy Roosevelt was President of the United States, Henry Ford and his partner had incorporated the Ford Motor […]

Hydrants, thread standardization

Single and Double Jacket Fire Hose: What’s the Difference?

Single Jacket and Double Jacket Fire Hose—What’s the Difference? A guide for beginners. Besides the number of polyester jackets, what is the difference between these two fire hoses? Knowing the distinction is essential to determining what is best for your project and application. If you are new to buying hoses, it may surprise you to […]

EPDM liner

What Are Custom Length Hoses Used For?

What Are Custom Length Hoses Used For? Custom length hoses, better known in the industry as shorties, pup or pony lengths, are hoses that are not categorized in the standard footage of 50’, 75’, or 100’. So, what are they used for? When you find yourself in a close-quarters situation, such as a pumper truck […]

When to Use Washdown Hose

When to Use Washdown Hose Is Washdown Hose Right for My Application? If you’re in need of hose that can withstand wear and tear, we usually suggest a washdown hose. Known for its durability, this type of hose will hold up in rough conditions, including outdoor use. For washdowns, we recommend a flexible, lightweight, rubber-covered […]

40 Years of Delivering Quality Fire Hose & Equipment

The year 2015 is a special one for Rawhide Fire Hose. This year we celebrate our 40th anniversary of delivering fire hoses and fire hose products to our customers. In honor of our milestone, we thought we’d let you in on the history of our company. Rawhide Fire Hose began with Joe Fischelson, who had […]