Car 54, Where Are You? The 19 Locations of Rawhide Fire Hose

  If you remember this television sitcom of the early 1960’s, then we are of the same vintage. Rawhide Fire Hose shares part of its name with another show from that time period—“Rawhide”, staring Clint Eastwood. In fact, when you call team Rawhide Fire Hose and are placed on hold, you will be treated to […]


10 Tips to Make Your Fire Hose Purchasing a Snap

Fire hoses and fire hose products can literally be life-and-death tools to many who use them. And while fire hoses may seem like a simple enough product, there’s a lot that goes into making sure they work properly. Ordering a fire hose or fire hose product through Rawhide Fire hose certainly shouldn’t be an intimidating […]

The Dangers of Static Electricity While Fueling Up a Plane

There are many safety precautions associated with planes and flying. One that might not necessarily be the most talked or written about has to do with static electricity and fueling up a plane. Kind of a strange hazard if you’ve never heard about it, but it is a highly dangerous problem if you’re not using […]

3 Great Resources for Understanding Fire Hoses & Equipment

When it comes to fire hoses and fire hose materials, a lot of questions come up. That’s understandable because there’s a lot to consider. After all, the last thing you want to do is buy the wrong part, the wrong hose or something that isn’t going to be up to code. When it comes to […]

Defining ‘Made in the USA’ for Fire Hose & Equipment

When a company puts the “Made in the USA” label on its products, that’s an important claim. In the eyes of consumers, it plays on patriotic emotions in a big way — as it should! However, it is very important that any company that makes that claim doesn’t do so lightly. According to the Federal Trade Commission […]

A Guide to Fire Hose Couplings and Threading

Quick question: Do you know the differences between NH (NST), NPT and NPSH (IPT) when it comes to fire hose threading? If you aren’t familiar with fire hose couplings and threading, these questions can be pretty confusing. And not understanding these differences can lead to mismatched parts, which leads to loss of money and time, […]