Custom Fire Hose Sizes

Need fire hose configured to your specifications? While standard lengths for fire hose are 50’, 75’ and 100’, hose supplied for agricultural, industrial and even traditional fire department use often requires a custom solution, sometimes different than standard fire hose diameters. You’ll find the right custom fire hose size for your work environment by entering your specs in our custom hose form.

As a custom fire hose supplier, we can configure your order for your specific application. Simply fill out the form below, supplying us with details on hose type, size, hose diameter color, coupling configuration and length—we do the rest. We’ll respond to your request promptly. And don’t forget: Your order ships free!

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Fire Hose Size FAQ

Q: Do fire hoses have to be coupled male x female?

A: No. You can order uncoupled fire hose, MxM or FxF with expansion coupling by shank, or even different thread sizes on the same length of hose. Simply use an adapter fitting or coupler to change from one size or thread pattern to another. Fill out the form above for complete customization of your fire hose.