Tough Fire Hose Caps for Municipal and Industrial Use

Protecting threads when fire hose is not in use is important not only for longevity, but also for reliability when the hose is needed at a moment’s notice. Fire hose caps connect to male threads and are primarily used to protect the threads and/or to hold back water when hoses, hydrants, standpipes and valves are not in use.

Rawhide offers hose caps made of differing materials for use in any environment:

  • A brass hose cap is made from a brass alloy and comes with a 12-inch chain.
  • Plastic hose caps come with a sturdy, attached chain and are ideal for protecting interior fire valves.
  • Aluminum fire hose caps are lightweight yet rugged, and hard-coated to resist corrosion and abrasion.

Choose your hose cap today, whether in brass, aluminum or plastic, to start protecting fire hose for municipal or industrial use. Same-day shipping available.