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 Rawhide Fire Hose has been serving the industries since 1976. We pride ourselves in “doing it right” the first time. To ensure that Rawhide Fire Hose delivers precisely the hose configuration and/or related parts for your specific project / application, we need to have some very detailed information.

Factors to consider for every application would include, working pressures, type(s) of media, media temperature, media source(s), ambient temperature ranges, lengths of runs, elevations, thread type(s) and dis-similar metal compatibilities to name a few. These are typically readily available pieces of information. In the cases that it is not, then we gather as much of the known information as possible, in order to research what is still required for a particular application.

Our customer service team brings with them experience from the oilfields, industrial, chemical, retail and information technology. Our network of knowledge-based assets has been growing since our beginning. The Rawhide Fire Hose customer service team is continually working to provide customers with the necessary reference resource materials to guarantee the right product(s) are ordered for the project. We have in place, manufacturing alliances on a global scale, which is a great source for information reference information. In addition, Rawhide Fire Hose belongs to or is associated with several trade groups, which expands our knowledge base even more.

We invite you to research the links provided below that are available for use and to share with anyone who requires a source of information for their particular project. If you possess or are aware of information that is relative to fire hose, industrial hose, marine hose, MSHA hose, UL fire hose, valves, nozzles, adapters, Indian back pack pumps or tools, we encourage you to bring it to our attention and Rawhide Fire Hose will be happy to include it on this information reference page.



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