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How to Choose Between Single and Double Jacket Hose

Knowing the distinction between single and double jacket fire hoses is essential to determining what is best for your project and application. If you are new to buying hoses, it may surprise you to learn that although there are attributes that set these hoses apart, their construction is quite similar. Before you understand their differences, […]

What Are Custom Length Hoses Used For?

What Are Custom Length Hoses Used For? Custom length hoses, better known in the industry as shorties, pup or pony lengths, are hoses that are not categorized in the standard footage of 50’, 75’, or 100’. So, what are they used for? When you find yourself in a close-quarters situation, such as a pumper truck […]

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When to Use Washdown Hose

When to Use Washdown Hose Is Washdown Hose Right for My Application? If you’re in need of hose that can withstand wear and tear, we usually suggest a washdown hose. Known for its durability, this type of hose will hold up in rough conditions, including outdoor use. For washdowns, we recommend a flexible, lightweight, rubber-covered […]

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Helping Our Local Dive Team Evolve

If you’re not an avid, certified diver, it may not sound like a big deal. But it really is. The truth is, the right valve on a search-and-rescue diver’s breathing apparatus can make a major difference in their ability to perform their duties. Our own Wayne County dive team—the Wayne County Search and Rescue Unit—started […]

40 Years of Delivering Quality Fire Hose & Equipment

The year 2015 is a special one for Rawhide Fire Hose. This year we celebrate our 40th anniversary of delivering fire hoses and fire hose products to our customers. In honor of our milestone, we thought we’d let you in on the history of our company. Rawhide Fire Hose began with Joe Fischelson, who had […]

10 Tips to Make Your Fire Hose Purchasing a Snap

Fire hoses and fire hose products can literally be life-and-death tools to many who use them. And while fire hoses may seem like a simple enough product, there’s a lot that goes into making sure they work properly. Ordering a fire hose or fire hose product through Rawhide Fire hose certainly shouldn’t be an intimidating […]

Hose and Nozzle Safety During Plane Refueling

There are many safety precautions associated with planes and flying. One that might not necessarily be the most talked or written about has to do with static electricity and fueling up a plane with a hose and nozzle. Kind of a strange hazard if you’ve never heard about it, but it is a highly dangerous […]

The Complete Guide to Fire Hose Cleaning Procedures

Fire hoses lead fairly rough lives, when you think about it. So any way you can “baby” your fire hoses will pay off with regard to the performance and longevity of the product. One excellent way you can improve the life and reliability of your fire hoses is by properly cleaning them. This is especially a good […]

The Perfect Christmas Gift for Your Firefighter

Do you have your Christmas list filled out yet? Done with all your Christmas shopping? If so, good for you. But if not (and we’re with you), the hardest part of dazzling those you’re buying for is usually coming up with ideas. However, if you’ve got a firefighter on your list, we’re here to help […]

3 Firefighting Industry Resources to Bookmark Now

Let’s face it: There’s a lot that goes into understanding the firefighting industry. So the fact of the matter is, every good resource you can get your hands on is a fantastic thing to help solidify your knowledge and understanding. In a previous blog we gave you three great resources we use with regard to […]