Car 54, Where Are You? The 19 Locations of Rawhide Fire Hose



If you remember this television sitcom of the early 1960’s, then we are of the same vintage. Rawhide Fire Hose shares part of its name with another show from that time period—“Rawhide”, staring Clint Eastwood. In fact, when you call team Rawhide Fire Hose and are placed on hold, you will be treated to the theme song from the television show, as performed by the Blues Brothers.


Rawhide Fire Hose, where are you? Your website indicates shipping from 19 locations, so, what’s the deal?

Rawhide Fire Hose is headquartered in Wooster, Ohio and is our customer service call center. All of the custom length and custom coupled hoses are shipped from here.


Our main office in Wooster, Ohio

In addition, this is one of the four warehouse locations, strategically placed in order to offer 1 – 2 day deliveries. The other 3 warehouse locations are in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Reno, Nevada, and Winchester, Virginia. ALL of these locations stock fire hose assemblies along with a full line of our economy nozzles and most of the common configured aluminum adapters.


In 2010, Rawhide Fire Hose entered into a strategic alliance with the Dixon Valve Company that expanded our product offering AND provided 12 additional warehouses and shipping locations. Their product line, in particular from the Dixon Fire side, is second to none. They have become our primary source for racks, reels, covers, and a multitude of fire service related products that compliment our 4 fire hose inventory locations. These cities are added to our network of warehouse shipping locations:

Albany, NY

Atlanta, GA

Dallas, NC

Chestertown, MD

Chicago, IL

Cleveland, Oh

Houston, TX

Kansas City, MO

Los Angeles, CA

Portland, OR

Salt Lake City, UT

Tampa, FL

Dixon Locations

This map that hangs in our office shows the locations of Dixon Valve (red solid dots)

These Dixon warehouses are strategically stationed to offer mostly one-day deliveries to all customers throughout the United States. Rawhide Fire Hose is in all of these locations as well to further our commitment to get our customers their orders quickly.


Ok, we’re at 16 locations. Where are the rest of them? Well, one of them is Harrington, Inc., located in Erie, PA, our source for rural “drafting” equipment, Storz connections and a wide array of valve configurations. Although they maintain just that one location, their inventory allows us to control costs, keeping prices in check for our customers.


Well, that brings us to 17 locations. Where are the last two? New York is home to United Fire Safety Company, Ltd and Wilson and Cousins. The former being headquartered in Canada, ships orders throughout the United States from Buffalo, New York. United Fire is our primary source for our “economy” nozzle product family. Although we stock them in our four warehouse locations, their warehouse typically ships orders the same day as we submit it to them.


Rawhide Fire Hose, Where Are You? We are everywhere. Place your order, hang up the phone or log off your computer, and at your door the UPS driver will be pulling up and knocking to deliver your order.

About The Author: Keith Eriksen

Keith has been the president of Rawhide Fire Hose for nearly 20 years. He is a member of the Wooster Township Fire Department and serves with the Wayne County Underwater Search and Rescue unit. He has extensive knowledge of valves and hydraulics from years of experience in the oil and natural gas production business. In addition to being an avid scuba diver with master diver endorsements he is also an instrument rated private pilot, certified for high performance and complex aircraft. He enjoys landscape and gardening work, gourmet cooking, spending time with his (grown) children and traveling with his wife, Vicki.

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