Fire Safety Tips: 4 Types of Indian Pumps to Fight Brush and Forest Fires

Designed to help firefighters battle brush, grass, rubbish, and forest fires, the Indian pump provides consistent water flow without operator fatigue. Initially developed by The Fountainhead Group – D.B. Smith in 1920, the Indian water pump gave firefighters the mobility they needed to suppress fire fast.

Indian backpack fire pumps have come a long way since then, and they are now available in a variety of materials and configurations to deliver maximum performance for a variety of firefighting applications and fire safety equipment.

Different Types of Indian Fire Pumps

Smith Indian fire pumps are available in:

  • Stainless steel – The kidney-shaped design provides maximum comfort, while the back rest is replaceable and perforated for full ventilation.
  • Galvanized steel – This 5-gallon pump features a carrying handle centered on top of unit and removable heavy-duty straps.
  • Collapsible vinyl – This hand pump is reinforced at all strain points to provide waterproof construction, and will not rope, mildew or twist while in service.
  • Polyethylene with brass cylinders – The Smith Indian pump is a full service unit engineered to be the workhorse for any department. UV-resistant polyethylene tank will not dent and is completely corrosion resistant.

All Indian fire pumps come standard with a combination nozzle are approved by the U.S. Forestry Service, and are made in the USA. Choose from our selection of reliable fire hose products for your department. Questions on fire safety tips, fire prevention strategies, or what’s right for your application? Contact us.

About The Author: Keith Eriksen

Keith was the president of Rawhide Fire Hose from 2000 thru 2018. He is a former member of the Wooster Township Fire Department, serving with the Wayne County Underwater Search and Rescue unit. He has extensive knowledge of valves and hydraulics from years of experience in the oil and natural gas production business. In addition to being an avid scuba diver with master diver endorsements he is also an instrument rated private pilot, certified for high performance and complex aircraft. He enjoys landscape and gardening work, gourmet cooking, spending time with his (grown) children and traveling with his wife, Vicki.

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