1″ Rubber Covered Fire Hose (600 LB Test)


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Premium quality, light weight fire hose engineered to resist abrasion and chemicals. Ideally suited for Fire Brigades and Fire Departments. Designed to be layflat and flexible, while offering extended service life even after prolonged storage. Easy to handle in a broad range of temperatures.

Pressure Ratings:

300# Service Test Pressure
600# Proof Test Pressure
900# Burst Pressure


A heavy duty, ozone resistant, nitrile rubber tube and cover, with 100% synthetic yarn reinforcement. The “through-the-weave” extrusion process results in a one piece construction, therefore, this hose will not delaminate even when exposed to fuels, oil, and most low concentrated specific chemicals.

Temperature Range:

-30 degrees F to 122 degrees F /

-34 degrees C to 50 degrees C.

Special Characteristics:

This hose features a wide rib pattern making it resistant to punctures, cuts and heat. Manufactured to meet or exceed NFPA specifications. All hose markings are per NFPA requirements.


To use with your house spigot/faucet, attach a Rawhide Fire Hose adapter; female, 3/4″ GHT (Garden Hose Thread) by a male, 1″ NST/NH or 1″ NPSH/IPT to match the threads on your hose. Click the link below to choose your adapter.

Garden Hose Adapter


1″ Rubber Covered Fire Hose (600 LB Test)

The rubber covered fire hose is manufactured to meet or exceed NFPA standard 1961, engineered to be durable and designed to remain flexible. Built to resist ozone, oxidation and most chemical / petroleum products. Made tough for extended service in rigorous use, yet virtually maintenance free. Custom lengths are available, Contact TEAM RAWHIDE.

Hose Construction:

The rubber covered fire hose is constructed from 100% synthetic yarn combined with nitrile rubber. Thru-the-weave manufacturing utilizes a circularly woven frame that is completely locked in with tough nitrile rubber to produce a single homogeneous unit. The laminated process consists of a 3-ply system, independently extruded and double vulcanized for maximum durability. The longitudinal ribbing reduces drag and provides for long service. The twill weave of the reinforcement resists puncture.

Lining Properties:

The tensile strength is 1500 PSI or greater, ultimate elongation is 400% minimum and the smooth nitrile rubber yields durability while minimizing pressure drop. This hose remains flexible down to – 35 degrees F and will resist heat up to 1200 degrees F for two minutes without rupture or damage to the synthetic reinforcement.

Ozone Resistance:

Hose shall show no visible signs of cracking to the lining or cover when tested in accordance to ASTM D518 Procedure B (100pphm/118°F/70 hours).

Chemical Resistance:

Exposure to sea water and contamination by most chemical substances, hydro- carbons, oils, alkalis, acids and greases must have no effect on the short or long term performance of the hose. A chemical resistance chart is available and Key Hose will supply specific chemical resistance data on request of purchaser for unique applications.

Heat Resistance:

The hose, when subjected to a static pressure of 100 PSI, shall be capable of with- standing a surface temperature of 1200°F for a minimum of one minute without rupture or damage to the synthetic reinforcement.

Pressure Ratings:

  • 600# Acceptance Test Pressure
  • 300# Working Pressure
  • 900# Burst Pressure

Temperature Range:

– 4 degrees F   to   +212 degrees F

– 20 degrees C    to  + 100 degrees C

Special Characteristics:

Manufactured to meet or exceed NFPA specifications. All hose markings are per NFPA requirements.


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Hose Color


Hose Length Ft.

100, 50

Hose Couplings

Aluminum – IPT/NPSH (Rocker Lug- Expansion Ring), Aluminum – NST/NH (Rocker Lug – Expansion Ring), UNCOUPLED

Hose Diameter