Rubber 1.5 to 2.5 inch Fire Hose | Rawhide Fire Hose


Rubber Covered Fire Hose (500 LB Test)

We offer Tuf-Hide rubber covered 500 LB test fire hose manufactured to meet or exceed NFPA standard 1961. All our hoses are engineered to be durable and designed to remain flexible. Built to resist ozone, oxidation and most chemical/petroleum products, these rubber covered 500 lb test fire hoses are made tough for extended service under rigorous use, yet are virtually maintenance free.

Available sizes include:

  • 1.5 inch rubber fire hose
  • 2 inch rubber fire hose
  • 2.5 inch rubber fire hose

Tough Rubber Covered (500 LB Test) Fire Hose Construction

This rubber covered (500 lb test) fire hose is constructed from 100% synthetic yarn combined with nitrile rubber. Thru-the-weave manufacturing utilizes a circularly woven frame that is completely locked in with tough nitrile rubber to produce a single homogeneous unit. The laminating process consists of a 3-ply system, independently extruded and double vulcanized for maximum durability. The longitudinal ribbing reduces drag and provides for long service. The twill weave of the reinforcement resists puncture.

These rubber fire hoses are rated to 1750 PSI or greater, ultimate elongation is 500% minimum, and the smooth nitrile rubber provides durability while minimizing pressure drop. This fire hose remains flexible down to -35°F and will resist heat up to 1200°F for two minutes without rupture or damage to the synthetic reinforcement.

Custom Fire Hose Options To Meet Your Requirements

As required per customer specification, these rubber fire hoses are available with internal expansion ring-threaded aluminum or brass, other connections available upon request. Manufactured to NH/NST and NPSH/IPT standards, custom thread patterns are available upon request.

While these rubber fire hoses come standard in high-visibility yellow and red, custom colors are available upon request. Standard lengths are 50’, 75’ & 100’, with custom lengths also available upon request. All hoses are stenciled with 1” characters stating, “Service test pressure in PSI” and the service date in a contrasting color indelible ink.

All Our Rubber Fire Hoses Are Guaranteed Against Defects

This rubber fire hose carries a five-year warranty against material and manufacturing defects, notwithstanding mistreatment and/or misuse. We stand behind our rubber fire hoses: Defective hose, couplings and configurations will be replaced at no charge.