Double Jacket Fire Hose 800 LB Test from Rawhide Fire HoseDouble Jacket 800 LB Hose That Provides Durable Construction

Since 1976, Rawhide Fire Hose has provided high-quality fire equipment for industrial and municipal use, including double jacket 800 LB test, rubber-lined double jacket hoses available in a variety of sizes:

  • 1.5 inch double jacket fire hose
  • 1.75 inch double jacket fire hose
  • 2 inch double jacket fire hose
  • 2.5 inch double jacket fire hose
  • 3 inch double jacket fire hose

These premium-quality double jacket hoses are abrasion resistant and manufactured per NFPA 1961 standards. Our double wall fire hoses are engineered for prolonged storage and a potential service life of 10 years, notwithstanding mistreatment and/or misuse, and defective hose, couplings and configurations will be replaced at no charge.

Tough Double Jacket Hose Construction

These double wall hoses are free of defects and woven evenly from spun polyester yarn that offers superior strength and wear characteristics. The warp yarn is standard 100% polyester, while the filler yarns are high-strength, low-elongation filament polyester to reduce weight and increase flexibility. In addition, the double jacket hoses are treated to resist mold and mildew.

The rubber lining of these double wall jacket fire hoses consist of a single-ply, extruded, synthetic EPDM tube, compounded to resist ozone. Under this specification, the construction of this double jacket hose features fully-backed manufacturing.

Unique Double Wall Hose Characteristics

As required per specification, these double wall fire hoses are available with expansion ring-threaded aluminum or brass. Our double jacket fire hoses meet NH/NST and NPSH/IPT standards and are available in custom thread patterns upon request.

Rated for 400 pound service test pressure, 800 pound proof test pressure and 1350 pound burst pressure, these double jacket fire hoses come standard in white, but are available in yellow and red. Other colors available upon request. Standard lengths for our double wall fire hose are 50’, 75’ and 100’, with custom lengths available.

Double Jacket Fire Hose That Meets Standards

These double wall hoses meet the standards and specifications of Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. (UL), including UL-19 (tensile strength & elongation) for rubber-lined hoses, and are temperature rated for -40°F to 180°F (-40°C to 82°C). So whether you need 1.5 inch double wall fire hose, 1.75 inch double jacket fire hose, 2 inch double wall fire hose, 2.5 inch double wall fire hose or 3 inch double jacket fire hose Rawhide has the right double jacket hose for your industrial application.