When Low-Pressure Fire Hose Is Applicable

Rubber Covered LDH

Different types of fire scenarios call for different types of fire hoses to put out flames quickly and efficiently. Your main goal as a firefighter, whether in a municipal, rural or industrial setting, is to extinguish the fire, as well as ensure the safety of others.

In this post, we’ll look at uses for low-pressure hose, commonly referred to as large diameter fire hose and which environments call for this type of firefighting equipment.

What Is a Low-Pressure Hose?

There are essentially two main types of fire hoses that you can choose from, and these are high-pressure and low-pressure hoses. At first glance, a high-pressure hose that ejects a steady flow of water that is highly pressurized onto a flame may seem ideal in all situations, but this is not the case. In many instances, a low-pressure hose is the better solution.

A low-pressure hose, generally an LDH hose, delivers a steady stream of water with a large diameter stream to a flame. The water may not be highly pressurized, but it nonetheless may eject a considerable amount of water to effectively put out the fire. In fact, these models may carry more water to a fire with than is delivered by a high-pressure hose.

Best Scenarios for Low-Pressure Hose

In some instances, a high-pressure hose is necessary. For example, if you are unable to get close to a fire—perhaps it’s at a higher elevation—a high-pressure hose may be required. However, a low-pressure hose may be well-suited for many situations that municipal firefighters, rural firefighters and even industrial firefighters may face.

If you need to extinguish fires from a closer range, emitting a large amount of water from a low-pressure hose may be the best solution. When the pressure from a hose with a smaller diameter is not required, the ability to deliver more water to the fire can help put out flames more efficiently.

Each situation may require a different type of hose, and some fire departments will keep both types of hoses on their fire trucks or in their facility to use as needed. If you’re looking for low-pressure hoses to use in your firefighting efforts, we can help. Contact us for more information.

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