Get Connected: Choosing the Right Fire Hose Fittings for the Job

Quick Connect Fire Hose Fitting

What type of fire hose fitting do you need for your job?

A reliable fire hose connection is critical when fighting fire. Understanding which fitting is appropriate for the job is the first step in selecting the correct fire hose connectors and adapters.

  • Fire hose end connectors, commonly referred to as end connectors, are made from cast brass or extruded aluminum, which is then hard-coated. They are mechanically attached to the fire hose by utilizing a copper alloy expansion ring that traps the hose against the inside (bowl) of the coupling. This connector/coupling is then used to attach the discharge hose to the fire hydrant or other water source.
  • Adapter fittings and couplers are used to change from one size or thread pattern to another, direction or include a swivel in a hose lay line. They are also made from brass, aluminum and occasionally composite plastic.
  • Higbee thread fittings provide easy identification of the first thread and allow for the quick connection of one coupling to another, or to the water source eliminating cross threading.
  • Storz fire hose couplings are often referred to as sexless. This adapter secures using interlocking hooks and flanges with a quarter turn of the coupling, and sometimes features a locking device.
  • Cam and groove couplings, which are considered to be a “quick connect” style fire hose connector, are most prevalent in industrial applications. It is a straightforward and economical way of disconnecting and reconnecting discharge hoses.

Certain fire hose fittings and adapters work better in different applications. Contact us to determine which connector is best for your specific situation.

About The Author: Keith Eriksen

Keith was the president of Rawhide Fire Hose from 2000 thru 2018. He is a former member of the Wooster Township Fire Department, serving with the Wayne County Underwater Search and Rescue unit. He has extensive knowledge of valves and hydraulics from years of experience in the oil and natural gas production business. In addition to being an avid scuba diver with master diver endorsements he is also an instrument rated private pilot, certified for high performance and complex aircraft. He enjoys landscape and gardening work, gourmet cooking, spending time with his (grown) children and traveling with his wife, Vicki.

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