Light Weight Reel Booster | Rawhide Fire Hose

Lightweight Reel Booster Hose (600 LB Test)

The lightweight reel booster hose (600 LB Test) is a multi-purpose, lightweight, rigid 1” diameter attack hose that meets the needs of industrial, municipal and forestry applications. This uniquely constructed product features an all-polyester cover for heat and abrasion resistance, along with a special helical interior reinforcement to retain its rigid shape. This thin-walled polyurethane lined hose, is the most durable lightweight booster hose on the market and is designed so that it can be charged with water, while still on the reel, making it ideal for close quarters uses.


  • Single jacket construction
  • Rigid helical reinforcement
  • Lightweight and kink resistant
  • Abrasion resistant red cover
  • Designed for 12” drum reels and skid units
  • Lengths up to 200’
  • Diameter: 1”

Hose Construction: Circular woven, single jacket, combined with a helical interior reinforcement, and a polyester cover. Standard lengths are available up to 200 feet long. Custom lengths are available upon request.

Tube: Extruded polyurethane liner yields ozone and chemical resistance and extended shelf and use life.

Abrasion Impregnation: A polyurethane based polymer impregnation results in a red color and aids in abrasion resistance.

Couplings: Field replaceable coupling with a one-inch NH or NPSH thread.