Pure Profit

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What if you could buy fire hose with no upfront costs? This is how it works:

  1. Your customer places an order for fire hose with you.
  2. You order from Rawhide Fire Hose.
  3. Rawhide Fire Hose ships you order. Better yet, we ship it direct to your customer, using your packing list on a blind (no Rawhide markings) shipment.
  4. Your customer pays you.
  5. You pay Rawhide Fire Hose.

That inventory essentially costs you nothing. In this case, you can truly sell out of the proverbial empty wagon. Plus, with free drop shipping, you don’t even have to handle it. We send you shipment tracking information and if there is a problem, we take care of it. Put your feet up on the desk and take it easy. No labor, no shipping costs, and no inventory costs. Other than the cost of a stamp, if you are still USPS mailing invoices, you recognize pure profit.

Rawhide Fire Hose ships from four (4) locations and will have your order delivered in 1 – 2 days (Transit Map ). Use our inventory as your own. Rather than spending money on excess fire hose inventory, use ours! Invest those dollars in engineered or long lead-time products to score even bigger profits.

Call Team Rawhide to start making better money. 800.321.3715

About The Author: Keith Eriksen

Keith was the president of Rawhide Fire Hose from 2000 thru 2018. He is a former member of the Wooster Township Fire Department, serving with the Wayne County Underwater Search and Rescue unit. He has extensive knowledge of valves and hydraulics from years of experience in the oil and natural gas production business. In addition to being an avid scuba diver with master diver endorsements he is also an instrument rated private pilot, certified for high performance and complex aircraft. He enjoys landscape and gardening work, gourmet cooking, spending time with his (grown) children and traveling with his wife, Vicki.

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