Tough, Economical Firehose Nozzle for Industrial & Municipal Use

Looking for economical firehose nozzle options for your municipality or industrial operation? Rawhide has several economy nozzles designed for sale to meet your needs, including a garden fire hose nozzle as well as a brass version perfect for marine service.

The Model 1030 garden hose nozzle is ideal for fighting grass fires and made of tough yet flexible polycarbonate that can be used with reel hose. The 1.5-inch bronze combination unit is a brass fire hose nozzle that withstands use in salt water locations. All the firehose nozzles for sale on our site are:

  • Tested to 1,000 psi in shutoff for 5 minutes
  • Easily adjusted, even under pressure
  • Are bumper-designed to provide maximum drop protection
  • Engineered so the fire hose nozzle fits tights and always stays in place

Choose your fire hose spray nozzle today for same-day shipping. Most orders delivered in one to two days.