Fire Hose Recoupling Service

Rawhide Fire Hose offers recoupling service to control your costs and save $$$$$$. Larger diameter hose and hoses with brass couplings can be costly to replace should you burn a hole thru them or crush a coupling. Re-use your couplings on existing or new hose to Save Money! Mark any leaking sections of damaged fire hose and Rawhide Fire Hose will cut out the damage and re-attach YOUR couplings. We can make short lines, cross lays and pony lengths out of the damaged hose.

Rawhide Fire Hose will inspect and evaluate all hoses and consult with you, prior to starting work. We will ensure that both male and female threads are within specifications, that the swivel gaskets are intact and that the swivel moves freely as designed. When we cut your hose, you can be assured that a razor sharp cut is performed, in order to provide an effective seal when the coupling is applied to the hose. The precision of the expansion ring and tail gasket placement is in perfect tolerance as per original manufacturers’ specifications.

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RECOUPLING SERVICE Includes: Labor to remove old expansion rings * Thread gauging and inspection * New rings & tail gaskets

* New female swivel gasket if needed

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Customer Hose: Includes:

New Rings, Tail & Swivel Gaskets, Chase Threads and Recouple