Fire Fighting Valves & Wyes

No matter the setting, fire hose valves should ensure your ability to direct and control the flow of water at the scene. Fire protection valves work by mechanically opening, closing or partially obstructing the flow of water from either a fire hydrant or large pump intake. Different fire fighting scenarios call for different fire hose valves, including deluge and dry riser valve types.

Fire Protection Valves with Superior Construction

Other common types of hose valves include:

  • Ball Valves, used in pumper discharges, gated wyes and fire pump piping systems.
  • Gate Valves, used to control flow from a fire hydrant or on large pump intakes.
  • Clapper Valves, used in Siamese appliances and pump piping.

Appropriate for municipal, rural as well as forestry hose applications, our fire protection valves feature superior construction. Forestry hose wye valves are made of lightweight alloys and feature stainless-steel ball shut off, while our fire hydrant wye valves include self-locking handles.

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