Creative Uses for Our Back Pack Water Pumps

We’ve all heard those tips about alternative uses for common household items. Apparently WD-40 removes crayon marks, cinnamon can ward off ants and potatoes make great broken light bulb removers (though I’m not convinced on that last one—didn’t work for me!). So while backpack pumps are specifically designed to fight forest, brush, grass and rubbish fires, it should come as no surprise that people have found other uses for them.

When ski race directors needed to mark race courses for better visibility, they turned to Mrs. Stewart’s Bluing, applied with—you guessed it—backpack pump sprayers. Typically used to whiten clothes, this laundry aid, when mixed with water, provides the perfect blue color to keep skiers on track.

Another creative use of backpack water pumps, and our pumps specifically, came about a few years ago when we received an unconventional inquiry about our backpack pumps. We’re used to occasionally selling a back pack pump to a customer for lawn and garden use—I use one of our backpack pumps for spraying weeds myself—but this was a new one. A group of high school students wanted to buy a back pack water pump to aid in their water gun game called, “Assassins.”

Before I go any further, no one was actually harmed during the playing of this game! It really is just a fun game high school kids often play where participants “shoot” other players with water guns. The game usually lasts for weeks and includes several players. The fun part is that you never know when someone may be planning a sneak attack.

These boys took it to a whole new level though: Imagine someone sneaking up on you with a backpack water pump as their weapon of choice! Think about the range! Hopefully, once the game was over and the victor crowned, the boys’ parents discovered that the backpack water pump sprayer “weapon could then be used as a backpack garden sprayer.

Who knew a back pack pump could be so versatile? If you have questions about any of our fire equipment, we’re here to help. Contact us for more information or to place an order today.

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