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Indian Fire Pumps

Fighting fire in isolated areas calls for portable fire pumps that can be easily refilled with any nearby water source. While perfect for small or controlled fire scenarios, such as grass or rubbish fires, or even camp fires, an Indian backpack fire pump can also be used as a convenient garden sprayer. Choose your fire fighting water pump today.

Rawhide offers Indian packs in three variations:

  • Collapsible Vinyl Pack – Bag construction forms to the user’s back for optimal comfort. Dual Bag model features a utility pouch to hold extra liner and gear.
  • Poly Indian Pump – Molded poly tank features UV resistance and will not rust, and also provides easy handling.
  • Stainless/Galvanized – Kidney shape design provides maximum comfort while the back rest is perforated for full ventilation.

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Q. What model of Indian Pump should I use?

A. The nature of your application or usage dictates the proper fire pump to use. In particular, weight, space and durability  are among the factors to consider. Where weight is a consideration, the poly or vinyl models are ideal. The pump action is metal for durability, while the tank itself is lightweight polyurethane or vinyl. In addition, the vinyl also stores extremely well, while taking up very little space. Stainless steel and galvanized are the workhorses, built for extreme usage applications.

Q. Where can I buy replacement parts for my Indian pack?

A. Rawhide Fire Hose offers a full line of replacement parts for your portable fire pump. Contact Team Rawhide for more information.

Q. Who makes the “Indian Fire Pump”?

A. D.B. Smith & Company has been manufacturing the Indian Pump since 1925.

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  • 5 Gallon Collapsible Vinyl Indian Fire Pump (500-FSV)

  • 5 Gallon Indian Fire Pump (Poly Fedco Pump, 501FER)

  • 5 Gallon Indian Fire Pump (Poly Indian Pump, 500FER)

  • 90 Series (Stainless Steel, 90-S)

  • 90 Series Galvanized Steel, 90-G