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Fast Fire Suppression with Indian Backpack Fire Pumps

The Indian backpack fire pumps are an integral component of total fire protection. In remote areas inaccessible by traditional fire trucks, a portable fire fighting pump can make the difference in swift fire suppression. Carried by a single individual, backpack fire pumps provide necessary water in isolated locations.

While perfect for small or controlled fire scenarios, such as grass or rubbish fires, fire fighting pumps are also workhorses when battling wildfires. A fire water pump can even be filled in a nearby lake or stream when no other water source is available. These fire water pumps are made from galvanized or stainless steel, or polyethylene, all of which are “hard-sided” and built for the most demanding service. Backpack fire pumps are also available in a collapsible/foldable version manufactured from specially compounded vinyl that makes for easy storage.

Whatever your needs, we have the right fire water pump for your department. We offer same-day order processing and fast shipping. Contact us to place your backpack fire pump order today.

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