UL(Underwriters Lab) labeled fire hose 500# testUL Labeled Hose that Meets Industry Safety Standards

UL (Underwriters Lab)

The overall essence of the mission statement for Underwriters Laboratories is to support the production and use of products that are physically and environmentally safe and to apply efforts to prevent or reduce loss of life. The link above will direct to their website that broadens the scope and further defines the spirit and intentions of their purpose.

In terms of fire hose and fire hose assemblies, most, if not all manufacturers on a global scale in fact adhere to the requirements and specifications mandated by Underwriters Laboratories specific to the manufacturing process. Rawhide Fire Hose sources only from those manufacturers that comply with Underwriters laboratories.

All fire hose and fire hose assemblies offered by Rawhide Fire Hose meets or exceed Underwriters Laboratories requirements. At the same time, not all fire hose is Underwriters Laboratories “labeled”.

Typically, fire hose manufacturers do not sustain both a production line for UL hose and that, which is not. The difference then, is simply the label itself. Manufacturers do not “label” all fire hose with the UL logo. That is a cost adder to subsidize the costs for Underwriters Laboratories audits and the rights to display the logo.

When you contact Team Rawhide, please ask for the UL label to be affixed to your fire hose order, should your particular application require it to be displayed. Remember that it will be manufactured the same as non-labeled fire hose, the only difference being the label itself.

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